Frequently Asked Questions:

What Should I Do If…

If you have questions regarding Scholastic Standing Committee (SSC), please see the SSC FAQ page.


I’m sick and need to miss class.

  • First, contact your instructor directly to ask about the possibility of making up missed assignments/exams/attendance
  • If you will be needing to miss class for an extended period of time and/or you are having difficulty connecting with your instructors, contact your academic advisor/department and OSSA to discuss your potential next steps


I’m not doing as well in my classes as I would like.


I fail my first exam(s).

Consider the utilizing the following resources:


I have a grade grievance.

  • If you feel comfortable, first try to contact your course contact or department contact to discuss the concern
  • If you would like further assistance, you can request an appointment in OSSA to discuss


I am experiencing a mental health crisis.

  • If it is a non-emergency, contact CAPS or local therapist to make an appointment
  • If it is an emergency, contact Psychiatric Emergency Services at (734) 936-5900 or 911
  • If this crisis has impacted your classes, you can also request an appointment with OSSA to discuss resources and academic options


I am experiencing a crisis (e.g. illness/death of family member, academic crisis, personal crisis).

  • If you feel comfortable, contact your academic department representative
  • For additional support, either you or your department can request an appointment with OSSA to discuss resources and next steps


I am seeking long-term mental health resources.


I am experiencing financial hardship.


I am an international student with questions about my visa or other concerns.


I have ADHD/anxiety and would like to know what accommodation options are available to me.


If you would like additional resources or have questions that are not listed above, you can always contact our office for more guidance or request an appointment to speak with someone!