Council Overview


The Honor Council serves as a link between the Engineering Honor Code and the students of the College. The council’s main purpose is to educate the students about ethical thinking and decision making. Members of the Honor Council visit classes every year to answer questions about the Honor Code and acquaint students with its ideals. The council also investigates alleged violations of the Honor Code and recommends action to the Faculty Committee on Discipline


New Member Application 

New Member Recommendation

Name Position Joined Contact
Larissa Woryk President Winter, 2014
Emily Snitchler Internal Vice President Winter, 2015
Ali Al Haddad External Vice President Winter, 2015
Alexander Copp Treasurer Winter, 2016
Patrick McCauley Secretary Winter, 2015
Margaret Covello Full Member Winter, 2015
Daniel Crecca Probationary Member Winter, 2016
Philip Faris Full Member Winter, 2014
Edward Kim Probationary Member Winter, 2016
Casey Murphy Full Member Winter, 2015
Rishabh Nayak Full Member Winter, 2016
Heather Nowak Full Member Winter, 2015
Keanu Richardson Full Member Winter, 2015
Alexandra Zalewski Full Member Winter, 2014