Academic Resources

Resources marked with an * are free for students to utilize! 

*Engineering Learning Center

The Engineering Learning Center (ELC) is a resource for academic support for engineering students. The ELC offers a 24-hour study area with CAEN-supported computers and offers a variety of academic support services including free peer tutoring, Supplemental Instruction sessions for selected first and second-year courses, academic skill development workshops on topics such as time management and study skills, and practice exam sessions. Staff of the ELC are also available for individual consultation on matters related to academic skill development.

*Tau Beta Pi Tutoring

TBP offers free one-on-one tutoring in core subjects for engineering.

*Science Learning Center Tutoring

Drop In: The SLC provides Drop-in peer tutoring for students enrolled in five introductory science courses:  Biology 171 and 172, Chemistry 130, 210, and 215.  All students enrolled in these courses can utilize the SLC’s Tutor Help Room.  

Appointment-Based: The SLC offers appointment-based, small group tutoring for students affiliated with CSP, DHSP, POSSE, as well as transfer students, students registered with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), and other qualifying students* who are enrolled in Biology 171, 172, 225, 305, Chemistry 130, 210, 215, 230, 260/261, 351, MCDB 310, Physics 135, 140, 235 and 240. Appointment-based tutoring is available to eligible students on a first come, first serve basis.

*Students may also qualify due to special academic circumstances, including but not limited to students on academic probation.

*Math Lab

The Math Lab is a walk-in tutoring service available free to all U-M students. Located in B860 East Hall, the Math Lab provides free tutoring for mathematics courses numbered through 217. Though help is not regularly available for other courses, we will attempt to answer the questions of any U-M student who comes to us for mathematics help.

Mathematics Private Tutor List

*Physics Help Room

Graduate students, undergraduate students, and faculty are available to help students who are taking Introductory Physics classes (135/136; 235/236; 140/141; 240/241)

*Problem Roulette

A website that serves random problems from past exams given in courses at the University of Michigan.  Courses include Chem 130, EECS 314, MCDB 310, Physics 135/1400/235/240, and Stats 250

EECS Tutoring

*Drop In: The members of HKN offer drop-in help sessions for entry-level EECS courses as follows: EECS 183, EECS 203, EECS 215, EECS 270, EECS 280, EECS 281, and EECS 314. Tutors can also help with ENGR 101.

Private: Typically available in the third week of the term, printed copies of this term’s private tutor list are offered at both EECS Advising Offices. This list is not vetted or monitored by the department but compiled as a courtesy to help connect students with peers offering tutoring services, some of which may be fee-based.